Chalupa Zoo Trip

In our Chalupa tradition, Andy, Brian, Kevin and Corey, and all of their awesome wives have taken a trip somewhere fun.  In 2003, we went to Chicago for a Cubs game.  In 2004, we went to Mexico for Kevin and Katie’s wedding, and in 2005, fun came to us in Altoona as Corey and Amber got married.  This year, our plan was to go to the Blank Park Zoo with Carter and Courtney, but life got busy, and only half the Chalupa Clan could make it (so we’ll have to make dinner plans for later in the summer to all be together!).

We got ready like we typically do: Carter slept in until about 7:15, she ate a healthy breakfast of oatmeal, bananas, and milk, played for a bit, and then got a bath.  She then streaked about the bedroom.  “She got away,” Andy said, nonchalantly.  Yeah … and now she’s running around naked …
06.17.06 004

06.17.06 006

Brian and Anna and Courtney, who were camping at Red Rock near Pella, met us at the Zoo.  We’d gone from the entrance, passed the baboons and giraffe, and all Courtney and Carter saw was their cousin!  They started and smiled at one another like they’d been apart for too long!  Then, they finally noticed the giraffe and zebras.  Carter also loved the Serval, which looked a lot like a fat Sammy, and the goats, because she could pet them, like Sammy!  The girls finished their zoo trip with a break in the grass together.  When we sat them down, they instantly couldn’t take their hands off one another!  Fingers pulling clothes, hands touching arms and legs, staring intently at one another!  It was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen!  They played in the grass, and when one would find something interesting, the other would immediately be involved, examining and looking it over with her cousin.  Carter, like usual, put her fingers in Courtney’s mouth, and our favorite “Michilin Baby” held her hand and gently (with her 2 teeth!) chewed on Carter’s hand.  How adorable?!  We capped the day off with lunch (sandwiches for us, chicken noodle and veggies with grapes and juice for Carter, and greeny beanies and apple banana dessert with milk and a pickle for Courtney!) at Apple Bee’s.  It was the best day at the Blank Park Zoo ever!  We are so very lucky to have the best daughter and the most precious niece in the world!  Courtney and Carter will soon be double-trouble!

06.17.06 017

Carter & Courtney, watching the giraffe … and one another
06.17.06 023

Carter admires the pretty, striped zebra

06.17.06 024

Courtney looks on at the zebra, just like Cousin Carter

06.17.06 029

Carter and the Serval.  He looked like Sammy, and walked just out of her reach, taunting her like Sammy!

06.17.06 034

Carter and the goat.  She didn’t really know what to think of him at first, but she enjoyed patting him and rubbing his tiny horns.  

06.17.06 043

“Look Courtney!  I found something that my mom probably won’t let me have!”
“Hang on, Carter, let me check it out!”

06.17.06 057

“Hey Courtney!  How come I’m a month older, but you have teeth?  And what the heck is a teeth anyway?”
“Look at mine, I have two, and my mom helps me take good care of them.  Check ’em out, I won’t bite, promise!”

06.17.06 066

Aunt Anna, Uncle Brian, Cousin Courtney and Carter

06.17.06 065

Mommy, Daddy, Cousin Courtney, and a very tired Carter

Damn you, bicuspid

We fed Carter at her normal time this evening.  Afterwards, she was very fussy.  I assumed that the ravoli and cherries did not sit well.  Upon further investigation, it appears that Carter is cutting her first tooth!  You can see the tinest little sharp tip on her lower gumline.  It’s adorable!  But looks very painful.  She’s never been a fan of teething rings, but she loves her popsicles!
6.15.06 035

Mom!  Dad!  My freakin’ teeth are killin’ me!  Do something!

6.7.06 017  6.7.06 019

Yeah!  That hits the spot!  My teeth feel much better!