I am anti-wallpaper

I truly, honestly believe there is a special place in hell for people who willing wallpaper.  There is a throne next to Lucifer for those who do it poorly, as our last homeowner did.  I hate wallpaper!  It’s always god-awful flowery barf or stupid sailboats or something completely stupid!  So, in efforts to make Casa Chalupa more muy bueno, I decided to hack into the downstairs living room this week.  Here are some things I have discovered about the room:

1.  It appears to have been the exterior room at some point.  The light used to be an arched-shaped window.  The plaster that was used to fill in the hole made it a nightmare to get the wallpaper down.

2.  Dark green paint + “carmel syrup” brown paint = at least two coats!

3.  I don’t heart painting anymore.

4.  We need a new house, one that’s already painted!

Cross your fingers for us!!
7.16.06 037

Buh-bye awful flowers!

 7.16.06 043

Awful light socket with awful hole in the wall!

7.16.06 045

Thanks, baby, but I don’t think you’re ready to paint yet!  I think it’s in her blood!

When babies attack

Andy and Carter were having a good time, playing while I made dinner.  Then Andy mumbled for help.  When I came to see what was going on, Carter had squashed him!  She is out of control!  You wouldn’t know it by looking at her, but she knows karate!

7.16.06 036

“Take that Daddy!”

 7.16.06 029

“Yeah!  I broke Daddy!”

7.16.06 030

Good thing Daddy’s forgive and forget!