Swimming: it’s not meant to be

So it’s been a wonderful day!  The sun is bright and shining, the sky a perfect blue.  But within the ten minutes it takes me to get Carter changed, into a swimmer and swimsuit, lather her up with lotion, and get a towel, the clouds have sovered the sun and the pool water is fridgid!  So pool attempt #2 went as well as attempt #1.  But, she’s really cute, and enjoy just hanging out in the back yard with me!

6.19.06 028

6.19.06 030

6.19.06 031

Happy Father’s Day!

What a fun first Father’s Day!  Carter let us sleep in, and we had yummy egg bake breakfast.  Andy got his Dad’s Day gifts – a smoker and some picture magnets for work – and we played all day!  We went to the park in the afternoon.  Carter loved the swing, and tried the big slide a few times.  Slide 1 and 2 were fun, slide 3 made her a little panicky, so that was the end of that!  We came home, called the best Grandparents in the world, and went to dinner at Outback, and ate so much that I was sure we’d pop!  It was a great Dad’s Day!

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to our outstanding Dads!  Carter is the best because you taught us to be the best!  We love you!

6.25.06 001

6.25.06 003

6.25.06 004

6.25.06 009

6.18.06 - Father's Day 015

6.18.06 - Father's Day 021

6.18.06 - Father's Day 022

6.18.06 - Father's Day 024

6.18.06 - Father's Day 035

6.18.06 - Father's Day 039