Congrats, Mr. & Mrs. Cookman!

Tonight, we were lucky enough to get to witness two hearts become one.  The youngest Chalupa cousin is officially a Mrs. (Brian and Andy figured there were 17 years between the oldest, Brian, to the youngest, Kristal).  It was truly a fairytale wedding!  Congratulations, and the best of the best wishes, guys!

2015-10-24 17.16.07

Chalupa’s invading, and ROCKING!, the dance floor!

Carter and Courtney snuck off to rock the Whip Nae Nae!  Werk it, gurls!

Carter invited one special guy to dance with her <3

2015-10-24 20.22.27-1

Boogie Woogies: Lincoln, Charlie, Courtney, Carter, and Marissa

2015-10-24 22.00.21   2015-10-24 22.03.51

Horribly blurry, because they were too busy shaking their booties, but so awesome!  Carter was on POINT, werkin’ the dance floor!  Charlie was all splits and grooves!

2015-10-24 22.12.00

From our family to yours, congratulations, Cookman’s!