Chucky Cheese

We celebrated a slew of December birthday’s with a trip to Chucky Cheese and cake and ice cream.  Isaac, Carter, Ian and Charlie enjoyed Chucky Cheese; birthday’ers Rory and Stephanie may not have 😉

1294-12.3.09 025.JPG

Carter vs. Isaac: it’s ON!

1295-12.3.09 030.JPG

Carter LOVES the airplane ride!

1296-12.3.09 033.JPG

Skeeball Buddies!

1297-12.3.09 034.JPG

Amazing … she cheats and STILL has a horrid score!

1298-12.3.09 035.JPG

Mommy and Carter

1299-12.3.09 036.JPG

Daddy & Charlie
FYI: Charlie LOVED the music and lights on the animated show!


Andy and Carter playing the squirt-gun game

1301-12.3.09 042.JPG

Pooling tickets together earned Carter and Isaac 26 suckers.  That’s 13 delicious treats each! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rory, Stephanie and Isaac (and Mom!!)!  Hopefully your next year is just as good as years past!  Love ya!!!