Recess fun

This evening, Carter and I went to Recess (she took a late nap, waking up at 5:15pm, and was in desperate need to run some of the excess energy/crazy off!).  She was a CRAZY!  She was all over the joint, jumping, climbing, crawling, and of course, making new friends!

My best efforts to wear her out were thwarted: she didn’t fall esleep until at least 10pm.  At one point, while I was watching TV in bed, she got up to go potty, then came into our room to scold me about being awake!  “You need to go to sleep, Mama,” she said, while pointing her finger at me!

252-11.1.08 004.jpg

The big inflatable slide.  She’s never been able to get up the steps, but tonight was the night!  She’s so big!

256-11.1.08 017.jpg

Her pal, Davis!  Only Carter could make a friend instantly everywhere she goes!

253-11.1.08 007.jpg

C R A Z Y   G I R L !

254-11.1.08 009.jpg

Sneaking across (and above me) the rope bridge.  She was “Pooh” and I was the “Trolly Birds.”  What great comprehension connections!

255-11.1.08 012.jpg

Loving the airplane ride!!!