Signs of Poverty

Today was a “jeans day” at school (everyone wore their Johnston Pride shirts because our varsity girls are going to the volleyball tourney!  Go Dragons!).  So this is the first time all week I’ve needed to wear socks.  I haven’t broken the seal on my new birthday socks from Andy, so I had to suffer with this sock all day!  I did change, and throw away!, socks later in the afternoon!

11.19.2006 026

“For just pennies a day, you can sponsor an adult who is unable to cloth herself with proper sock attire.”  Look at that hole!  Not normal!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Saturday evening, we celebrated my favorite holiday: my birthday!  My homies and I met at El Rodeo (the one in Clive, sorry Andy and Tim) for Mexican and fun.  We proceeded to Miss Kitty’s Dance Hall to shake our booties and hang out.  It was silly and fun, and I had a blast!  I heart birthdays!

11.11.06 003

Felice Cumplanos!  That’s Spanish for Happy Birthday, complete with the hat!

i-20229dcbad1625a9a05eba0962046b36-11.11.06 005.jpg

Well-wishers Amy & Jon

i-1a041011d9a2b83efcc0f594144da323-11.11.06 006.jpg

Birthday Greeters Adam & Heather

i-289555bd14ef1537fb838b5e4d13f3f0-11.11.06 009.jpg

Celebratory Friends Tim & Andy

i-489d2cf61a978f236c743f4928498551-11.11.06 010.jpg

Mackenzie hitting on my husband!

i-a7104c4f69a30d6d9065345aac57adb0-11.11.06 013.jpg

Mackenzie and I

i-08bc54c03567c2b74bfb12d182f529c3-11.11.06 015.jpg

Dr. Zach & Stephanie

i-00fa4b5076dd79bc15998a536e5b8e66-11.11.06 021.jpg

What a trooper – Andy hated going out, but came anyway, just for my birthday!

i-240e9e5a1b25622a969598336955d9e1-11.11.06 039.jpg

Me & Mackenzie – I love this kid!

i-0696a6985fc500c03a149cc15819b94a-11.11.06 019.jpg

Andy and his harem, Stephanie & I

i-1b2636d120312d3d837a2c4f11aff968-11.11.06 040.jpg

Lovin’ me some Andy!