Booga Booga!

i love Halloween!  From the way-back-when times when I went trick-or-treating with Carrie and Tracie around the ‘hood, to recently, when Andy and I dressed as Justin and Britney – I LOVE HALLOWEEN!  I love the costumes, pretending to be someone different, and all the mystery and fun!

While we were at Target this evening, Andy, Tim and I sampled some Halloween costumes for our favorite little toddler.  Which do you love the most?!?

9.21.06 002

Choice #1:  Pooh Baby

9.21.06 005

Choice #2:  Booty-Baby Pirate (my personal favorite, and Daddy’s, too!)

9.21.06 007

Choice #3: Masquerade Baby

9.21.06 003

 Choice#4:  Fairy Baby

Yes … adults playing in the costume aisle is a little childish (but I love it!), however, WE were not the ones running around in the gorilla and chicken costumes!

i-54f71b934345277c82398c7e7fe53fd9-9.21.06 009.jpg

Could it be … Satain?!

i-eb78bc45a704267f67082fe67a516f4d-9.21.06 006.jpg

… huh … my kids at school are right … I am a Witch …

Happy 1st Birthday, Cousin Courtney!!

Saturday was Courtney’s 1st birthday, and of course we came to visit!  After a crazy, long, busy week, a birthday party was wonderful!

Carter and Courtney are so funny!  They hadn’t seen one another since Carter’s birthday, a month ago, but instantly both knew who the other girl was!  They would stare at one another and smile, giggle, and give “love pats” (which, I guess, are better than love slugs!!).  There were lots of friends and family, good food and birthday cake!  Courtney didn’t get half as messy as Carter, but she was still too cute!  And, of course, there were presents!

It was a wonderful afternoon, and we’re so happy to have been able to spend it with our favorite niece!  Happy birthday, Courtney!  We love you!

9.17.06 019

Carter and Courtney, two of the most precious, adorable Chalupa’s ever!

9.17.06 021

Courtney, me, and Carter
It’s amazing – 9 months ago, they looked so much alike.  Now, it seems like the only commonality between them is their last name!


Courtney, Andy, and Carter – a proud (and tired!) Daddy and Uncle!