Rain delay!

We had big plans tonight: Andy, Tim, Andy, Carter and I were going to go ice skating at Brenton Ice Skating Plaza!  Woo hoo!  But then it rained, and ice skating in the rain didn’t sound too appealing, so we organized an impromptu Game Night!

We played an old favorite: Monopoly on the Nintendo.  I would like to let everyone know that I’ve beaten my Monopoly stigma and am a reformed player.  I have a good attitude even when I’m paying Tim $2,000 for landing on Boardwalk with a thousand hotels!  You think you’d let a friend stay for free – tight wad!  Then we tested out some of the cool DVD games we got for Christmas.  We started with Deal or No Deal.  Team one (Andy and I) had our offer up to $300,000, but opened that stupid billion dollar case.  We played it out and won $200,000.  Not bad for a night’s work!  Team two (Andy and Tim) started steady, picking low money, then knocked out big amount after big amount, ending with $92,000.  Not too shabby, either!  Next up, Family Feud.  After we figured it out (hard!), it was good times!  Andy and I started off stealing money from Tim and Andy, but in the end, they kicked our butts by almost doubling our total!  Finally, the classic Let’s Make a Deal.  Tim, of course, won both games, making good deals.  Andy and I, however, always seemed to get the box with the tuna-fish sandwich or broken watch and not the 1978 Thunderbird (valued at $4,400)!

I think Tim cheats.

i-f9b1f57caaa144d7f76cd4c084dcd5d3-12.30.06 001.jpg

Carter helps Andy make a tough decision in Monopoly

i-f76fabcaac7472508b4979678376d3e3-12.30.06 003.jpg

When Water Works (ticket price: $150) went to auction, Andy and Tim just wouldn’t give up!  Tim finally took it for $403!  “I think you’ve been had,” Mr. Moneybags told Tim!

i-d0f58c8443f311d0298b51d850483fc6-12.30.06 005.jpg

Team one (Andy and I) had the $200,000 in our case all along! 

i-05c12caaa17bc07e8557833221545a57-12.30.06 006.jpg

What would you do:  Take the $900 or try and beat the dealer in high card?  If you beat the dealer, you win a cozy new camper, valued at $3,600.  My how inflation changes the game!!

Where’d she go???

It was so strange … I was making supper (yes, occasionally I cook!  Not well, but I cook!), and Carter was there, and then … she was just … gone …


This is Carter’s “cupboard,” where I put the tupperware that she can bang on, throw around and tear up.  While I’m doing supper things, she usually opens and closes here cupboard and gets all the stuff out, then leaves

12.29.06 004

 One minute, she was opening and closing the cabinet, then, she was gone!

12.29.06 007 12.29.06 016

Where ever could she be?!?

12.29.06 017

SURPRISE!  She couldn’t stay hidden too long – she can’t keep quiet!!