I NEVER want to hear that I can’t keep a secret again!

Okay, confession time, Jerry Springer style:

When Mom asks about Weight Watchers, I haven’t been going.  When Rory asks why, I make up lies
     (I’m running out of excuses!  Ummm …. I had to wash my hair?)

When Mackenzie had her birthday party, it wasn’t Andy who didn’t want to go
     (I didn’t think I could cover my tracks with “Jack and Coke” minus the “Jack” all night!)

When Carrie thought an email titled “Babies, Babies, Babies”  might be to tell her exciting news, it wasn’t
     (But it could have been)

When I had to take Carter to the allergist repeatedly to monitor her egg allergy progress, I was really going to see Dr. Hoight
     (My doctor, to draw blood, compare levels and check out our status)

When Kelsey asks how things are going, I say “no new news”
     There’s news:

Our confession:  We are pregnant.  11 weeks, 4 days, or 12 weeks on Easter.  We’ll have ourselves a Halloween baby, due October 25, 2009.

Things just feel different this time around.  I’ve felt like I did with Carter: tired all of the time!  I haven’t gone Fun-Onions crazy yet, which is a good thing.  We’ve been eating well, in lieu of going to Weight Watchers, and I’ve gained about three pounds so far. 

At week five (the last week of February), I went to our family doctor for blood work on Friday and then again Monday.  All of my pregnancy determining levels were elevated, which was good.  At week seven (mid-March), we went for our first ultra-sound.  We heard one tiny little heart, beating at 140 beats per second.  We have our official OB work up this Monday.  But so far, so good, so keep praying for the best!

546-4.6.09 099.jpg

BIG SISTERS ROCK!  Andy, Carter and I have talked about The Baby and what this means for her.  We’d like her to be as involved as possible, so we asked her what she’d like to name The Baby.  Her first choice: Princess!


Chalupa #2, also known as “Tad,” short for Tadpole right now.  In the big black circle, Tad’s the itty, bitty little shape along the right wall (this was actual size at week 7).  This is the ultra sound taken at 7 weeks (March 10, 2009), so Tad’s a little bigger now.  More to come after Monday’s appointment.

547-4.6.09 101.jpg

Not much of a Baby-Bump yet, but I’m still on the look out for cute preggo clothes at discount!

New Kids On The Block – 15 years later

When we were teenagers, barely so, we all had crazy, insane crushes on the boys from New Kids on the Block.  We were all SURE we were going to marry one or the other, and I was no exception.  I was fanatic!  I had a New Kids phone, sleeping bag and pillow and pink bedroom walls covered in posters.

So, when the New Kids on the Block – who are actually in their late 30’s now! – came to Des Moines last night, there was no way we were missing it!

Cheesy, yes.  But we knew that going into it, and it was the best concert ever!  They played ALL of our old favorites and some of their new songs (which are just okay), and Mackenzie even touched Joey McIntyre (if you could only have heard her!!!).  It was hands down one of the BEST concerts we’ve ever been to!

Once a New Kids fan, ALWAYS a New Kids fan!!!

539-4.6.09 001.jpg

15 years ago, but still fanatic as ever!

543-4.6.09 057.jpg

Dreamy, right?!

545-4.6.09 076.jpg

I can’t TELL YOU how excited we were!  We’re dorks!

540-4.6.09 005.jpg

Jonathon, Donnie, Jordan, Joey and Danny

541-4.6.09 024.jpg

Do it with me: SIGH!

542-4.6.09 051.jpg

The “Kids” decided to walk down the aisle from the back stage back to the front stage.  If Joey looks terrified, he should: Mackenzie tried to maul him!!

544-4.6.09 075.jpg