Alexander/Brown/Chalupa/Haning Christmas

… also known as “The Ankeny Christmas,” for obvious reasons 🙂

We got together with our pals, and our kids’ pals, to celebrate the holidays.  We kicked things off with a delicious dinner: Rory made the BEST lasagna (Rory made it, which makes it the best!) and wrapped it up with Stephanie treats (which was amazing because they were Stephanie-made!).  After dinner, and plenty of running wild on the kids’ part, we shared gifts.  The kids went crazy – Carter and Isaac (the “big kids,” both being 5) “helped” the little guys, Ian and Charlie out.  Those two were more interested in the paper, anyway!  Then the adults had our “steal” drawing, which resulted in no stealing.  Every got gifts that were perfect for them.  I got a down-home-but-simple cookbook and Andy got booze – perfect!

Thanks Alexander’s/Brown/Haning crew for not only a great night, but a fun-filled 2010!  We love y’all!  Again, our goal is to see more of you in 2011!  Love ya!

2191-12.11.10 010.JPG

Gimme that ribbon!!!

2192-12.11.10 016.JPG

Isaac and Carter “help” Charlie with his gift (let’s me honest: he’d probably just eat it anyway!)

2193-12.11.10 021.JPG

Greatest gift!  Thanks, Andy and Rory – Carter couldn’t wait to play with her new Ariel in the tub!

2194-12.11.10 027.JPG

Best. Gift. Ever.  Elmo was a total hit among the kids, especially Ian.  God help Zack and Stephanie!  I’m sure they heard Elmo sing the entire drive to home to Newton, and every day following!