Halloween 2010

LOVE Halloween!  The spookies and the boogie-boogies!  It’s great!  And our little punkins always keep it exciting around here!

2137-10.31.2010 006.JPG

Little Punkies and their punkins

2138-10.31.2010 012.JPG

Charlie thought the guts were great (and I had to do some digging of my own – in HIS mouth to retrieve seeds!) …

2139-10.31.2010 018.JPG

… but Carter was not a big fan!  The look in her eyes says it all!

Friday, October 29th, the kiddos wore their handbands to school.  Well … one of them did.  Any guesses who?!!

2140-10.31.2010 031.JPG

Fitting, at times!

2141-10.31.2010 033.JPG


2142-10.31.2010 036.JPG

She may be a witch (which she does get honestly) and he may be a little devil (which he also gets honestly!), but I wouldn’t trade these giggling ghouls for the world!

Halloween Eve, Trick or Treating

2143-10.31.2010 045.JPG

Carter-a-licious went as Pinkalicious, her favorite children’s book character.  Home-made costume hit #2!  We did great!

2144-10.31.2010 051.JPG

Charlie pretty much hated everything about Trick or Treating: the outfit (it was the hood!), being out in the chilly night, the unfamiliar and masked faces … pretty much detested it all …

2145-10.31.2010 058.JPG

… except the candy!  Both he and Carter were big fans of their candy treasure!  Carter dumped her bag on the floor, and both of them began laying claim to their favorites!

2146-10.31.2010 060.JPG

The Dragon has claimed all of the suckers, lollies and Tootsie pops!

2147-10.31.2010 067.JPG

It didn’t occur to me until bath time that I didn’t have a picture of them both in costume.  Charlie slobbered mango lolly all over his dragon top, and Carter is guarding her candy with all of her might, but here are our little Dragon and Pinkalicious, in all their Halloween glory!