Watch at Dance Day

This afternoon was watch at dance day, a time for parents and families to come into the studio to watch their little dancers in action.  As usual, Carter didn’t let us down!

Carter is not the most delicate of dancers.  She lacks a certain … gentle nature.  But she brought me to mommy-tears this afternoon.  She has made so much progress from this time last year.  There are five other girls in her tap/ballet class, she is the oldest, and she has the advantage of having one year under her belt.  And she adores Miss Kalie, the teen helper in class, and Miss Evie, her instructor.  Don’t get me wrong: I fully understand that Carter is never going to be a Broadway dancer.  But she’s made huge improvements over the past year, and I’m oh-so-proud of her!

1559-3.8.10 061.JPG

Our prima ballerina

The video is a bunch of clips from her class.  She starts with tap, then moves to ballet.  It’s long, but it’s worth it!

The snow tunnel …

Here’s a secret:  I hate the snow.  Not really the snow, but the cold that snow requires.  So, I’m not a huge fan of playing in the cold with Carter.  But, I’m trying!  So we’ve started to carve out a “snow tunnel.”  I figured it’d be really easy and fun.  It’s only sort of one of those things!

1552-3.8.10 043.JPG

Where to start?  We got shovels and started digging a hole in the massive snow pile

1553-3.8.10 046.JPG

Carter wanted the “big shovel” …

1554-3.8.10 047.JPG

… but it proved to be too big for her, as she fell numerous times trying to get a hold of it!

1555-3.8.10 054.JPG

“I’M QUEEN OF THE MOUNTAIN!!”  … only because I let you be, twerp!

1556-3.8.10 056.JPG

“Dig me, Mama!”