Week 11 happenings …

Charlie’s hit a growth spurt, not physically but developmentally.  Suddenly, he’s holding his head high during tummy time, and he likes to “chatter.”

Sorry for all the “artsy” pictures.  My week’s big happening is that my new digital SLR camera arrived, and I spent the week playing.  Enjoy my CUTE subjects!

1417-1.1.10 002.JPG

Charlie’s adorable profile

1418-1.1.10 003.JPG

Holding Daddy’s hand

1419-1.1.10 024.JPG

What beautiful eyes you have

1425-1.2.10 005.JPG


1420-1.1.10 050.JPG


1421-1.1.10 052.JPG

Carter’s big beautiful blue (ish) eyes

One busy boy!