JDRF: Devin’s Brigade

Carter has a best friend (that is a BOY!  Gasp!).  She and Devin have been in daycare together for years, went to preschool together last year, and were able to walk hand-in-hand to their kindergarten class together this year.  Devin is an awesome kid!  He’s goofy, kind and respectful, a kid you can’t help but love!

Devin also has Juvenile Diabetes.  His dad shared that, on average, they prick Devin’s finger to test about 2,550 times per year (that’s about 7 times per day). 

When his family extended the invitation to join Devin’s Legion, we jumped at the chance to support of pal and his family.  We walked the sky walks of downtown Des Moines, all wearing the team’s shirts, supporting one awesome dude and a great cause!  There was a great turn out, not just in support of Devin but for others.  It was overwhelming to see everyone in their personalized (and awesome!) shirts, and groups of supporters walking for a cause.  It was wonderful to be a part of something so awesome!

If you’d like to be a part of a great cause, check out http://www.jdrf.org/ for more information!

2332-4.11.11 002.JPG

Devin’s Brigade: me, Carter, Charlie & Andy

2341-4.17.11 011.JPG

Best Buddies: Reagan, Devin & Carter

2342-4.17.11 041.JPG

Walking for the Cure: Even Charlie did his part!

April Fool’s!

Let me start with this: I hate April Fool’s Day.  It is usually a day filled with silly jokes that aren’t funny and end up annoying the daylights out of me (gotta love the middle school mentality!).  So, when April 1st falls on a school day, I dread it.

So, below was the scene I walked into around the end of 1st period.  I’d been in class, and came back to my room to grab something to find all of the chairs and tables in my classroom flipped!  Immediately, I jumped to the conclusion that it was either Bryan (my 9th grade co-hort) or Chris (my collaborative math teacher).  Of course, that meant retaliation. 

In response to my “rearranged” room, I Saran wrapped both men’s laptops, water bottles and pencils.  I also vented about what “turds” these two to my 2nd period class.  I shared my response, proud of catching them and getting them back.

As I reviled in my own glory. tickled that I’d gotten them both, two of my kids shared that it was them!  They’d asked to use the restroom during 1st period and snuck down to my room to get me.  Twerps! 

Touche, guys!  Job well done!

2330-4.8.11 007.JPG

View of destruction, from my desk …

2331-4.8.11 008.JPG

View of destruction, from the door.
Good one, guys!