Happy 5th birthday, Grant & Collin

The boys are 5.  WOW!  5!  Yes, Grant and Collin, two of our very closest pals, are 5.  To celebrate, they had a huge party at a tube-maze/kids party area.  It was chaos, but a great time!  I think we adults enjoyed it just as much as the small-fries!  After playing (exhausted!!), the party migrated to Pizza Ranch for lunch and two outstanding He-Man cakes. 

It was a great day, filled with some of our absolutely, most favorite people around.  The boys had a blast, and I think everyone slept soundly after!  Happy, happy birthday, boys!  We love you! 

2278-2.6.11 034.JPG

After some apprehension, Charlie finally got the courage to take a couple steps inside this monstrous maze of tubes … then in true Chalupa-child style, he couldn’t get enough of it!

2279-2.6.11 044.JPG

Andy and Janine, hanging out in the tubes

2280-2.6.11 046.JPG


2281-2.6.11 054.JPG

She’s a monkey!  No hands, no feet.  All hair!

2282-2.6.11 075.JPG

Look what I found in the tunnel of tubes!

2283-2.6.11 076.JPG

Charlie, Carter J and Andy try and figure out HOW they’re going to get up this rope bridge …

2284-2.6.11 111.JPG

Two tired Chalupa’s, enjoying pizza at Pizza Ranch with all of our friends.

2285-2.6.11 085.JPG

The cakes to end all cakes: He-Man for Grant (left) and He-Man for Collin (right).  Happy 5th birthday, dudes!  We love you both to pieces!!!