You got to know when to hold ’em …

Andy’s team played poker at our house this evening, which “grandfathers” me in to play.  Woo hoo! It’s fun to play, but I knew I’d be losing my $20.  I just didn’t want to be first out!  After about two hands, Dan was out, followed by me, then Kelly.  Andy finished 4th, just shy of breaking even.  Eric broke even (Bastard!  He’s the one who put me out!), Dave won $40, and Kyle took home the grand prize of $80.  I like to think he’s going to spend my $20 on his girls!

i-cb5c0b6d52f0ac6fcefb71cc9dbc4339-9.1.06 1.jpg

Carter’s good good-luck hug to Daddy

i-11d8e8a3e3fa8ebbae8f7f94accf8270-9.1.06 2.jpg 

Carter’s all in!