It’s that time again …

I love starting fresh, really I do, but I always give it up around February!  So, I figure the more people I share my 2006 Resolutions with, the more people I’ll have to help make sure I’m adhering to them!  

So, here are my resolutions for this year:

* To lose this stinking baby weight!  Seriously – Carter’s almost 17 months old, I think it’s time!

* Take better care of myself by making better nutrition choices, getting good sleep, and taking a few seconds to relax at the end of each day.

* To be a better Mommy and Wife – making quality time for Andy and Carter, providing fun and educational experiences for Carter, not being so uptight about all of Andy’s boneheaded decisions (put your crap away!), and maybe learning to cook a little better … or at least trying!

* To get myself back on track financially – no more bad checks, right Andy 2??

* Help out with home improvements as we prepare to put the house on the market.  January brings painting on the entryway and upstairs ceiling, February is the upstairs bathroom remodeling, and March in laundry room tiling and painting.  

So be sure to ask how things are going, so I’ll remember what I need to do, and keep doing it!

Happy 2007!

i-f5ec1734138d4e2051d2d8d710e0d74f-7.4.04 034.jpg 

My “hot mama” picture, from before I was a mama!  Remind me that this is what I’m working for!