Sweet, Sweet Charlie

Andy shared that Charlie was “a little sad” yesterday when he picked him up.  He snuggled up with me at bedtime, and he was just a little off.  I asked how he was feeling; he said “good.”  When I pushed a little more, he said that he was missing his Poppy.  Man, can I relate.  He said that he kept thinking about Poppy, and how he worried about Grandma.  He was hoping that she was okay, but he also said he felt a little bad about thinking Poppy was enjoying heaven.

This sensitive, sweet little 8 year old put all my worries into words.  I miss Poppy more than words can say, and I worry about Grandma every day.  But I know the you and Carter, and me and Daddy and Grandma, all of us are carrying on his spitfire, and I know he’s watching us from afar.  As for Grandma, everything I learned about being strong, about having a backbone, I learned from her.  Oh, Charlie.  We’re all right there, with you <3  We love you, Poppy!