Carter, Game 4

WARNING: This one gets a little handsy by the grey team, which makes Carter made and Mom and Dad furious!  C’MON, Coach!  COACH, for cryin’ out loud!

I learned two valuable lessons from my basketball star today:
1) I am NOT cut out to be a sports mom!
2) When someone is ALL OVER you, cheating and fouling you left and right, you get a little mad, you turn that mad into action, and you go play.  And when it’s all said and done (and your team wins, by the way!), you go shake and say “good game,” even though it wasn’t.  Because you are a great sport, and that’s the bigger thing at this age.  Carter was incredibly more gracious that I would have been, heck, than I WAS!  And we’re very proud of her for it!