Let’s go Bucs!

Aviva paid to take Andy’s team to the Buc’s game Saturday night.  He texted me, asking if I wanted to go.  My response: DUH!  I ALWAYS want to go!

Carter’s been to a Bucs game (maybe 4 years ago).  She liked it, for about 20 minutes, then she struggled to sit still.  Same thing this go around!  But Charlie enjoyed it!  He liked trying to find the puck, the fast skaters (“They ska-ating!”), and the fight!  He asked why the goalie, who was standing still, guarding the net, was “dead,” and he was really concerned when the players earning penalties got a “time out.”

Go Bucs!

Carter, Winger and Charlie

Checking out the action …

Bucs score!  Buzzers buzz!  Air horns blare!  Charlie spazzes out and runs back to Mom and Dad as quick as he can!