Catching up

Secret: I love Scrubs!  Nothing like being waaay behind on the series (which wrapped up in 2010!).  I just wrapped up the series (way to just end, Scrubs!  Totally left hanging!).  While I finished up one of my favorite shows, Charlie was less than impressed with season nine’s medical school episodes (me, too, pal!).


It’s sum-ma, sum-ma, Summerfest!

Summerfest!  Ankeny’s version of my hometown Whoopee Days!  We love it!  Even after just returning from vacation, we still managed to enjoying the parade, a few rides, and of course, a funnel cake!

Waving + Smiling + “HI!” = CANDY!  Carter likes herself a man in uniform!

And Charlie loves the pretty Sweet 16 Girls!

Carter came dressed to WORK!  She would scoop candy up in her dress, like a kangaroo pouch, and bring it to me; Charlie would then sneak a piece of her booty!

Balloons, courtesy of Ankeny Democrat’s, on our way to the midway and funnel cakes!

Carter (top left corner, red, white and blue dress of craziness!), on the Round Up.  Think Silly Silo, but moving up and down.  BAAARF!

Charlie, on the fire truck.  Anyone surprised?!

Daddy got a lemonade; Charlie got the lemon.

WOOOOOW!!!  Pucker-face!  So cute!

Sunday night, we closed out Summerfest with the entire city, at the soccer field, enjoying fireworks.  The last version of this picture predates Charlie (July 2009).  It’s funny to come to realize what’s changed since our last visit to fireworks!  In 2009, we laid on the blanket while little Carter ran all over and fetus-Charlie kicked from inside.  2012 brought two wild children, running all over, until the first BOOM!  They immediately ran to my side, Carter on the left, Charlie on my right, stuck to me like glue, as we all laid on Andy.  Charlie mumbled “I scared” while they both reached into the air, trying to grasp the tails of the exploding firecrackers.  It was perfect!