Indcredible Pizza Craziness

Thanks to Groupon, I had some money-saving to take care of at Incredible Pizza.  This confused Charlie, who is in love with Chuck E. Cheese, but once we arrived, he adjusted!


A “healthy lunch” consisting of lettuce and ranch, blue Jell-O, hot dogs, spaghetti, and two happy Chalupa’s!

Thatta boy!  After many attempts to get his skee ball into the rings (or even up the ramp!), Charlie gave up and took a different approach!

Carter the Astronaut

The Apple of my Eye

A First: We drove the Go Karts, and Carter got to drive all by herself!  We kept our car at pace with hers (to keep an eye on her and be there if she needed help, which she didn’t!), and when she would get behind us, all I could hear were her squeals of excitement and belly giggles!  She had a blast!

Charlie really liked driving the “little cars,” too!

… just about exhausted!