100th Day Day

Carter’s 1st grade class celebrated the 100th Day of School by dressing as old people who were 100 years old!  Hilarious!  She hated every second of it, making her look old and grumpy, which made us laugh even harder!

3021-1.21.12 004.JPG


3022-1.21.12 005.JPG

Bun + Baby Powder = Gray Hair, which she was greatly unhappy about!

3023-1.21.12 006.JPG

Mrs. Burk’s 1st Graders, all 100 years old (Carter’s in the middle, with a blue top under her old lady dress)!  Super fun!

No more cribs

No more cribs around this house!  We’ve only got Big Girls and Boys now!

Charlie said goodbye to his crib last night.  It was based more out necessity than desire, though.  He had a moment of naughtiness (surprising, I know): he threw a toy car at Andy, which landed him in a time out in his crib.  After a few moments in the crib, we heard “Help!” and peeked in to see him half-in and half-out of the crib, one leg thrown over the side of the crib.  So, Andy converted the crib to a big bed!

Last night, Sunday, was Charlie’s first night in his big bed.  I expected a battle to stay in bed, but he did great!  He cried a little, per usual, when we said good nights (he just does not want to miss any single moment of anything!), but then he was great!  Around 8:45pm, there was a thumb.  He’d fallen out.  By the time I made a beeline to him, he was crying, balled up on the floor with his blankie.  Heartbreaking!  I calmed him down, snuggled for a bit, then put him back to bed.  Andy’s turn came at around 12:30am, and my second turn occurred around 5am.  When I went to get him, he was about two feet away from the bed by his toy box, trying to get ahold of Tigger.  Reason he fell, or “heck, while I’m down here…” I do not know!

3013-1.14.12 109.JPG

Such a happy Big Boy in his big bed!

3014-1.14.12 112.JPG

“Nigh-nigh!” Love, Charlie!