Notes from a very sweet girl

Carter has recently taken to note writing.  She writes me notes, notes to her friends, notes to Daddy, and just little cute “I love you!” notes.  She’s also taken to writing notes, Toothy Fairy style, and sticking them under her pillow for the Pokemon King and Queen.  The last note she left, she got a response from!  Additionally, the Pokemon King and Queen left six Pokemon cards her for!  WOW!

2874-11.16.11 001.JPG

“Hi Carter!  We love you!  Love …” the six Pokemon cards that were left under her pillow.  She was ecstatic!  And the note writing continues …

2875-11.16.11 002.JPG

Pokemon Note #6,834!

2876-11.16.11 003.JPG

Mommy note, after having a not-so-great day previously:

“I love you today.  I love you all day.  I love you so I stayed on green”

That’s the most perfect gift ever!