Happy 6th birthday, Carter Kay!

6?!!  Can you believe it?  We celebrated Carter’s birthday over the course of a few days.  First, we celebrated with the Anderson’s and Bumsted’s, who were my “trial run” of the disgusting party  The following weekend was her “big party” with dance and school friends and our family.  Saturday evening we went to Cazador’s for dinner and she got to wear the sombrero while the guys sang to her (which she loved!).  And Sunday we had our own little family celebration, with cake and a tasty dinner of her choosing. 


Carter J, Grant, Carter Kay and Madi playing with SLIME!


Outside, everyone participated in the Bologna Toss: everyone had a partner and a slice of bologna.  One person tossed the bologna to their partner, the partner took a bite and a big step back, then tossed it back.  The catcher took a bite and a big step back, and this continued until the bologna was gone.  Double foul if it got dropped and you had to eat the bologna AND grass!


BIG BITES, guys!


Carter’s a big bologna fan!
Note: notice who’s snagged the bologna container in the background?!!


Charlie’s Number One!


Back inside, we played musical chairs, but with a disgusting twist: wet sponges on the chairs! 


Saturday was our big party.  It was good I had the chance to test out my kitty litter cake.  I managed to make it even grosser the second time!  On our disgusting party menu: Kitty Litter cake (white and chocolate cake, topped with vanilla sandwich cookies and a little green food coloring and Tootsies), pretzels with booger sauce (Squeezy Cheesy with food coloring) and eyeballs (chocolates with eyeball wrappers)


The best GF’s in the world!


A meeting of the minds in the “shade” outside


And for lunch?  Moldy pizza (extra cheese, colored with food coloring!)!


Our first game was the mystery box game.  I had something in the box, and with closed eyes, players had to reach in, feel it and guess what it was.  It was actually noodles, olives and oatmeal, but we had guesses like “brains,” “grapes,” and “something stinky”!


Bologna toss, with Aunt Amber!  Awesome!


That’s great bologna-tossing form!


Musical chairs, minus the sponges (these guys weren’t as into the “disgusting” part of the party!)


The rule was find and chair and sit when the music stops.  I guess I wasn’t as specific as I should have been!  Love ya, Isaac!


Our big, disgusting party group!


Carter had prepped her pal Reagan: she wanted a fish.  She told me this, and I told her she wouldn’t be getting a fish (because, well, who does that??!).  When she pulled out four tissue-paper wrapped pieces from a gift bag, then uncovered Tetra food, I knew we were in trouble!  Reagan and he mom actually purchased and wrapped a fish!  Awesome idea!


Aunt Katie & Uncle Kevin got Carter, NOT CHARLIE, a princess chair.  Charlie tried his very best to haul her butt out of it!


Last year, Carter received $20 in quarters from Aunt Amber & Uncle Corey.  They managed to trump that with $20 … in pennies!  When you’re 6, that’s pretty stinkin’ awesome!!!


Charlie helped dump out the container of pennies, but he also helped pick them up.  He’d drop a handful into the container … then he’d sneak a few into the back of his diaper!  I pulled four pennies from his bum crack, and another two out later when I changed him!  SNEAKY!

2726-8.19.11 002.JPG

The cool sombrero at Cazador’s, with that beautiful smile!


Her family gift: Barbie movies!  YEAH!


That’s the face that we love so much.  Happy or sad, sassy or sweet, we will forever love this face and our wonderful Baby Girl.  Happy 6th birthday, Carter Kay!  We love you, always & forever!