Happy Easter, 2011

What a wonderful Easter!  We spent our weekend with our fantastic family, colored dozens of eggs, uncovered many treasures hidden by the Easter Bunny, and did much giggling! 

2346-4.25.11 012.JPG

Grandma and Poppy got Charlie some treats and Chuck Trucks … but he really liked the grass!

2347-4.25.11 026.JPG

Charlie was too little to participate in dying last year, so he made up for it this year!  He thought the colors were awesome!

2348-4.25.11 031.JPG

“Gentle” the boy is not!  He tossed this egg (which is mid-throw!) into the green

2350-4.25.11 034.JPG

Egg dyin’ fools

2351-4.25.11 038.JPG

Everyone got an egg: Charlie, Carter, Poppy, Mom, Daddy and Grandma

2352-4.25.11 043.JPG

Sweet Carter and her “Carter Egg”

2353-4.25.11 044.JPG

The 2011 egg crop!

2354-4.21.11 017.JPG

… and Charlie “helped”

2355-4.25.11 098.JPG

The girls, with Owen’s supervision, colored eggs at Grandpa’s.  They only got pink and purple, however, because I misread the directions.

2356-4.25.11 104.JPG

Let the Egg Hunt begin!  Five children scattered across the lawn in a manic rush for eggies!  Owen scored a couple orange eggs.

2357-4.25.11 124.JPG

Charlie, with Daddy’s help, spotted this blue egg in the grass

2358-4.25.11 130.JPG

Carter found an egg with Owen’s name on it, yelling, “I got one for you, Owen!”

2359-4.25.11 132.JPG

Spotted: Bright Blue Egg

2360-4.25.11 136.JPG

Gotcha ya, egg!

2361-4.25.11 138.JPG

Marissa, cautiously tracking down a blue egg

2362-4.25.11 146.JPG

OH NO!  Carter tripped and her basket of eggs spilled everywhere!
(I love her hands on her head, total panic!  I can imagine her fear, ready to faint over the catastrophe!)

2363-4.25.11 157.JPG

As the hunt winds down, it’s a mad dash to get the last few remains treasures

2364-4.25.11 165.JPG

Happy Easter!  Love, the Chalupa Kids
(Left to Right) Courtney (5), Charlie (18 months), Owen (16.5 months), Marissa (2 on Monday) and Carter (5)

Playplace Pals

Daddy went out with the boys, and Mommy got home late, so we took advantage of my “I’m not in the mood to cook!” mentality and went to play place.  Charlie loved the circle track, and Carter got to run up and down the contraption with her “best friend” (some child she met there, couldn’t name, and has since forgotten about!).

2345-4.21.11 008.JPG

Trouble in the Tube!!