Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas, everyone! 

This year, the Chalupa’s (or this branch!) hosted Christmas Eve for the first time!  We cleaned the house top to bottom, sparkled everything up, and made a feast that would have made Who’s of Whoville jealous!  Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate as we’d have liked.  We were, in spite of the snow (which was beautiful!), able to celebrate with Uncle Corey, Aunt Amber, Baby Owen, and Andy and Rory.  We filled our bellies, and our hearts as we opened gifts.  I received an awesome Aerosmith shirt and my smelly-goods I waited for all year!  Andy opened some new sweaters and movies.  Carter loved the Littlest Pet Shop set and books she got, and Charlie was happy simply with the paper, tape and bows!  In everyone’s stocking was also a mini Nerf dart gun, which sent Andy, Andy, Rory and Corey running around the living room, shooting at one another!  It was hard to tell who was the CHILD and who was the ADULT!

Eyes started to get heavy and babies started to get weary, so Carter and Charlie put on their Christmas jammies.  We scattered our reindeer food outside, and left Santa our homemade cookies and milk.  Then it was off to bed.  Just before 9pm, Carter said, as I was tucking her in, “Mama … wait … I think I hear something outside!” and very quickly shut her eyes!  It didn’t take long for her to truly fall asleep.  And, low and behold, Santa did come (I was a little unsure at times this year!).

2233-12.24.10 Christmas Eve 001.JPG

Chalupa-Haning Holiday Tradition: SOCKS!  Andy has gotten Andy and I socks for years, after living with us at Ashbrook and the Pines in holey socks!  This year the tradition was amended when Carter and Charlie got socks, too!  LOVE new sockies!

2234-12.24.10 Christmas Eve 004.JPG

Andy’s Christmas ham …

2235-12.24.10 Christmas Eve 005.JPG

… and Rory’s holiday nuts (huh huh!  We may be older, but we never grow up!!)

2236-12.24.10 Christmas Eve 008.JPG

TIME FOR PRESENTS!  Carter donned the Santa hat to pass out goodies!

2237-12.24.10 Christmas Eve 024.JPG

What on Earth could that be?!  I tried to convince him it was a wrapped roll of wrapping paper, but he was sure it was his umbrella!

2238-12.24.10 Christmas Eve 030.JPG

A pretty red bow on a wonderful little gift!  Cousin Owen being adorable!

2239-12.24.10 Christmas Eve 037.JPG

A little smiley gift of our own!  Charlie loved his bow, too!

2241-12.24.10 Christmas Eve 048.JPG

A pretty big gift for a pretty good little girl!

2242-12.24.10 Christmas Eve 058.JPG

This is the way most of Christmas went.  It didn’t really matter who’s gift it was, Carter opened it.  She’s opening Charlie’s Dinosaur Train set, and actually trying to push him away while he’s trying to scope out his new toy! 

2243-12.24.10 Christmas Eve 061.JPG

… at least she let him have the tape 🙂

2244-12.24.10 Christmas Eve 072.JPG

Digging into Charlie’s Chuck Trucks … too bad he’s more interested in that wrapping paper!

2240-12.24.10 Christmas Eve 046.JPG

Dude!  If she sees you eating her necklaces, all hell will break loose!

2245-12.24.10 Christmas Eve 081.JPG

“Roray’s” stocking of goodies

2246-12.24.10 Christmas Eve 082.JPG

II was also good

2247-12.24.10 Christmas Eve 093.JPG

Charlie’s stocking was filled with new books (which he totally digs!)

2248-12.24.10 Christmas Eve 094.JPG

The boys and their Nerf guns – no one’s safe!

2249-12.24.10 Christmas Eve 109.JPG

Carter, Charlie and I went outside to spread reindeer food for “Rubar” and his reindeer friends.  After all, flying around the world, pulling a sleigh full of goodies driven by a fat man ALL in one night is tough work!

2223-12.24.10 Christmas Eve 105.JPG

Who needs baby dolls when you’ve got the sweetest little cousin and most adorable little brother?!!

2250-12.24.10 Christmas Eve 116.JPG

Santa’s cookies and milk, and one excited little girl!

2251-12.24.10 Christmas Eve 117.JPG

As excited as Carter was, Charlie had such an adventurous night he didn’t even make it to cookies!  He put on jammies, snuggled in with Andy, and he was out in moments!

Carter came into our room around 7am Saturday morning, ready to rock and
roll!  We got Charlie, and we all headed downstairs.  Santa left some
Hershey kisses in place of the cookies he ate, and some great gifts!  Charlie hoped onto his new motorized motorcycle.  Andy showed him how to hold down the GO button to go, but Charlie preferred to tap it, sending him for a quick shot then stopping abruptly, ending in his giggles.  For both of the kids, Santa left Dancing Mickey, which they love (and I kinda like it, too!).  Carter must have done some exceptionally wonderful good deeds this year: she got a case, games and finally the Nintendo DS she’s been asking for.  It took her about an hour, and she had every function and button mastered on that thing!  

2224-12.25.10 008.JPG

Charlie’s got wheels – look out!

Let the paper fly, Santa’s been here!

2225-12.25.10 016.JPG

Lovin’ the new DS!  See what being good gets ya?!

2226-12.25.10 024.JPG

Chalupa Christmas 2010
(Carter Kay: 5 1/2 years old, Charlie: 14 months old, Kelly & Andy: old)

After lunch (Christmas Ham: part 2, just as good!), we headed to Grandma and Poppy’s for the night.  Santa Grandma and Santa Poppy-clause outdid themselves once again!  Both Carter and Charlie received some adorable outfits!  Carter got some new games (“Mousetrap,” which is AWESOME, but took forever to construct!!), and Charlie scored trucks and trucks (“Vroooom!” he says!).  Andy and I opened DVD’s (Iron Man 2 and Shrek the Third) and restaurant gift certificates for date night, and Grandma and Poppy got new clothes (purple fuzzy socks and ISU gear – wanna guess who got what?!), a new computer game and cookbook, and, of course, pictures of their wonderful grandkids!

2227-12.25.10 029.JPG

Seriously – why buy him anything?!  He loves the bows and paper so much!

Sunday had us heading to Chalupa Mexican Christmas (what a great idea!).  All the grandkids got to run and play together, and the adults chatted farming and family.  Lunch consisted of Mexican-themed dishes (Katie’s homemade guacamole and Amber’s tortilla soup were delicious!!!), but Carter liked the fresh fruit and Charlie liked Anna’s sugar cookies best (he ate 5!).  We had our own family gift exchange, which was flying paper amid giggles and goofiness!  Carter was ecstatic over her new “Captain Underpants” book and Littlest Pet Shop set, and Charlie loved, loved his new trucks (and Mama loves, loves that it’s a toy that stores smaller toys – smart thinking!).  From the Chalupa women’s and men’s drawings, I received a cute Scentsy warmer and Andy got a bottle of whiskey – so … the house will smell delicious, but it won’t happen after we polish off the bottle of booze!  Ha ha!

2228-12.25.10 031.JPG

Owen (one day shy of being 1 year old!), Marissa (20 months) and Charlie (14 months), playing in the house

2229-12.25.10 057.JPG

The best gift of all (I seriously love this photo!  I’m making it the first picture I post on my little 2011 photograph business project!!!)

2230-12.25.10 064.JPG

The kids table, cookies and fruit: Charlie, Marissa, Courtney, and Carter

2231-12.25.10 067.JPG

Two cuuuute peas in a pod: Charlie and Marissa (don’t they look like they could be siblings?!  Crazy genetics!)

A BUSY Christmas Eve morning …

… cause if I don’t keep ’em busy, we’ll all go Christmas crazy!

This morning, we went outside and enjoyed the beautiful, and plentiful!!!, snow.  Charlie wasn’t so much a fan today – he was ready to head back indoors to the warm and daddy ASAP.  But Carter and I made snow angels and had snow relays, then came in for hot chocolate!

2217-12.24.2010 009.JPG

Snow buddies (remember Ralphie’s little brother?  Yeah, that’s Carter’s little brother!!)

2218-12.24.2010 017.JPG

Playing in the snow

After a morning in the snow, Andy and Charlie headed to UHaul to get the trailer (to bring home an elliptical and snow blower!) while Carter and I headed to Incredible Pizza to RUN, RUN, RUN!

2219-12.24.2010 028.JPG


2220-12.24.2010 029.JPG

Carter loves this racing game!  She beats me every time :) 

2221-12.24.2010 036.JPG

BIG WINNER!  100 tickets on the fish game!  We used it to buy a glow in the dark yo-yo!

2222-12.24.2010 035.JPG

All smiles!

Next up on our Christmas Eve day list:  Candy Cane church service, our first BIG family dinner, PRESENTS, then getting ready for the Big Guy’s arrival!