Charlie’s first wagon ride …

… and a hopeful sign of spring!  The snow is gone (except a pile in the backyard, but it had been six feet tall, it’ll take a bit to melt!), and it’s sunny and pretty outside again.  There’s hope that one day we’ll be playing at the park and swimming at the pool again! 

1623-3.27.10 008.JPG

Carter and Charlie, bundled up in the wagon

1624-3.27.10 014.JPG

Headed to the mail box, having a ball!

Happy 59th birthday, Grandma!

The Chalupa crew celebrate Grandma Linda’s 59th birthday in true Chalupa-style: lots of friends and family, of food!  The grandbabies all got to hang out and play, too!

Happy birthday weekend, Grandma!  We hope you had a wonderful time, a perfect birthday, and many, many more to come!

1612-3.17.2010 161.JPG

Charlie (22 weeks) and cousin Owen (12 weeks), having fun together

1613-3.17.2010 171.JPG

Big ol’ Charlie trying to eat itty-bitty Owen!

1614-3.17.2010 180.JPG

(seriously, how stinkin’ CUTE are these two?!!)

1615-3.17.2010 193.JPG

Carter and Courtney, stealing flowers from the cake and being adorable!

Yes, Marissa was there, too, being sweet, snuggly and adorable.  But I’m a bad aunt and didn’t get them all together!  Next time, promise!