Official report: it’s broken

The daycare calls us about everything: Charlie’s fussy – do you have any suggestions?  Carter’s running a bit of a temp – what should we do? 

So when I picked the kiddo’s up Wednesday, and saw Carter being pulled around the gym in a wagon by her buddies, pulling her blankie, I wondered what was up.  She came to me holding her left wrist.  Her teacher said she’d hurt it at preschool.  I figured she was faking, cause that’s kinda Carter’s MO at times, but wanted to check it out.

Pre-school said the kids were playing outside on the “snow hills,” and Carter was pushed by another boy.  She fell, apparently bearing the weight on her left hand.

At Urgent Care, we did x-rays.  It didn’t look fractured or broken.  The nurse put her in a splint for the evening, and told me the radiologist would check it out in the morning and get back to us.

Thursday morning, Andy called to tell me it was indeed broken.  He took her downtown to the Orthopedic Surgeon to determine what to do next.  He put her in a removable cast, pretty much a brace with Velcro, that she’ll wear for 4 weeks.  She told me the three rules: “One: you have to wear it all the time.  Two: You can’t take it off or get it wet.  And three: No hitting with it.”  All good rules!

Her biggest concern was that people “wouldn’t like” her.  So we talked about sympathy and “milking it,” and I’m sure she’ll catch on quickly!  It doesn’t seem to bother her too much.  She’s been wearing short sleeves, just because they’re easier to maneuver.  The coat’s a pain, but we’re working with it.  She’s been staying indoors when the kids go outside to play at daycare.  She gets to help make copies and hang out with her teachers – all things she loves!  And she was cautious and careful at dance and gymnasties.
1452-1.17.10 010.JPG

Carter’s Badge of Courage: the black cast

Week 13 happenings …

What a cutie!!!

1446-1.17.10 002.JPG

I don’t know … that hair looks red to me!  Or at least Carter-brand red!

1447-1.17.10 009.JPG

Charlie is SO BIG!  Since he’s been actively trying to sit up, we put him in his high chair at the table, just to see what he’d think.  He LOVED it!

1448-1.17.10 012.JPG

Little Bear and Big Bear!

1449-1.17.10 014.JPG

Hi everyone! 

1450-1.17.10 023.JPG

All smiles!

1451-1.17.10 030.JPG

Trying to sit up with Daddy.  BIG BOY!