Week 10 happenings …

Charlie continues to grow like a weed!  He’s rounder and more adorable than ever!  He enjoys sitting up and watching his surroundings. 

Carter is dying of Christmas anticipation!  She can’t stand the wait (and, honestly, neither can I!).  She’s counted the days to Christmas Eve, and she’s so excited for presents!

1337-12.22.09 002.JPG


1338-12.22.09 003.JPG

Carter’s “happy” Play Dough guy

1339-12.22.09 004.JPG


1340-12.22.09 008.JPG

So hungry I could eat my own hand!

Santa DID come!

It was a little up in the air at times, but Santa did stop by our house last night!  He brought two gifts for Carter and Charlie, and a stocking for Oliver.  Carter got a trunk full of new dress up clothes and make-up, and a Cinderalla castle play set.  Charlie got a baby basketball hoop and an animal slide play set.  Oliver got treats and toys. 

And I got the best Christmas morning!

1371-12.25.09 006.JPG

It’s Christmas morning, Little Bear

1369-12.25.09 002.JPG

Dorothy, from the Wizard of Oz

1370-12.25.09 005.JPG

A box full of make-up (which I’m sure we’ll grow to resent!)

1372-12.25.09 007.JPG

Carter, as Optimus Prime, the Transformer

1373-12.25.09 009.JPG

Smiles on Christmas!

1374-12.25.09 013.JPG

What’s in THAT box???

1375-12.25.09 017.JPG

Princess Castle!  YEAH!

1376-12.25.09 021.JPG

Charlie’s animal slide – he’s totally excited!

Merry Christmas!