Happy 50th birthday, Daddy!

Today, Andy turns 50!  Okay … really, he’s 30, but he might as well be 50 🙂

Friday night we cooked for him, making his favorites: meatballs, au gratin taters and cheesecake.  He also got his birthday gift: framed movie posters for the theater room.  He also bought himself a gift: a big ol’ John Deere lawn mower he’d been pining over for weeks!

Saturday the lawn mower was delivered, and Andy was truly torn.  He wanted to mow, but he also wanted to go golfing with his buddies.  Ultimately, he decided upon golfing.  Carter and I went to the splash park and had a great time while Andy got beat on his birthday.  I’d told Andy we had reservations for this restaurant of choice, Dos Rios Mexican restaurant, but I’d secretly been planning a poker party for him.  When I sent him, with Carter, to the basement at 6:15, he was suspicious, but went.  At 7:00, I went to get him, and he was happy to see his pals and play poker.  He lost but had fun, that’s what matters!

Sunday was the day: he finally got to mow!  In the time it took Carter and I bike around the development and talk to a couple neighbors, Andy was finished, and it looked great!  Later, we went to see Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen at the iMax theater whlie our fantastic babysitters, Angie and Von, played with Carter.  The iMax itself nearly made me sick, but the movie was the BEST!  And Carter had an equally awesome time with Angie and Von (although she claims Angie cheats at the game they played!.

Happy 50th birthday, Andy!  Here’s to 50 more wonderful birthdays, filled with family, friends and fun!  We love you!!!
796-6.29.09 007.jpg

The ‘Deere, and one very happy Andy!

797-6.29.09 010.jpg

Andy and I, headed out to Transformers

Carter’s birthday card for Daddy.  Don’t let the pathetic look fool you – she wanted to do this!

798-6.29.09 014.jpg  800-6.29.09 015.jpg

Carter got to play in the sprinkler, play games and read book after book with her beloved babysitters, Angie and Von.  Again, I’m thinking the pout is a total “faker, faker, belly acher” thing.  She adores Angie, and she obviously loves Von, too799-6.29.09 018.jpg

Courtney Adventures: Day 3

Our morning started out at 6:20am.  I love mornings 🙂

We got all cleaned up and dressed, and the girls were looking good.  We went on a special operatives, covert mission (check it out: 790-0b11dd9a-398b-4926-9469-dd67986db637w.jpg    792-04b12848-2a8d-427c-af1c-dec716a8dc94w.jpg    793-26d12c2f-d9fd-4621-bf85-bdaa566d1a31w.jpg

791-1b7a7a46-c0d7-4f70-b28c-210cdadc7434w.jpg    794-29f6cdf7-b527-42e6-8d3b-58fdc5ee8fcbw.jpg   795-3192c6eb-a748-4b42-a144-9469cd8005a1w.jpg

A little sampling :)  How great are these?!

Then we lathered up with sunscreen, put on our swimmies and headed to the splash park.  Again, Courtney was a little hesitant to warm up, but she giggled and had fun with Carter, who was a maniac!

777-6.23.09 045.jpg

Courtney and Carter, preparing a battle plan of attack!

774-6.23.09 036.jpg

I blame Andy for this!

775-6.23.09 038.jpg

Carter wasn’t always the instigator (mostly, but not always!).  Courtney got a few great buckets of water to the face in on her!

776-6.23.09 041.jpg

NOW see if you can get her!  Courtney’s a pretty smart little cupcake!

778-6.23.09 049.jpg

Carter and Courtney, wet and hot, but had a blast!

Because the heat index was 105 degrees, we figured our best bet was to find some indoor fun.  So after lunch (mac and cheese and watermelon!) and power-naps, the girls, Andy and I headed to the Science Center.

779-6.24.09 004.jpg

Who says girls can’t construct?  The girls put together a system of gears (with Andy’s help) to move the propeller

780-6.24.09 005.jpg

It’s supposed to be an experiment in wind patterns.  Carter really only likes it because it blows her all over!

781-6.24.09 009.jpg

“Bubble Bay,” always a hit!

782-6.24.09 012.jpg  783-6.24.09 013.jpg

In “Toddler Town,” the girls found the texture wall.  We pushed all of the bendy-sticks to the silver side, they made body impressions, then checked them out on the other side.

784-6.24.09 015.jpg

Courtney really liked the snake – eww!  Maybe she’s a parsel-tongue! 

785-6.24.09 016.jpg

Cave cuties

786-6.24.09 017.jpg

Courtney and Carter predicting the weather.  With the hot temperatures and high humidity, I bet you expected some storms and severe weather.  But were you expecting hurricanes in Iowa?  I think not … thank the girls for your safety!

787-6.24.09 021.jpg

The amazing, super-cool Ball Wall

Science Center fun!788-6.24.09 025.jpg

After the Science Center, we had “sketty” and relaxed while coloring.  Of course we broke out the glitter!

789-6.24.09 026.jpg

And we jammied ourselves up, brushed teeth and combed hair.  We read
Carter’s pick, “Chicky, Chicky, Chook, Chook” and Courtney’s pick
“Monster Mess.”  Currently, the girls are chattering and giggling in
bed (it’s 8:52 – they’ll be asleep in about 2 hours ;)  )