Recital 2009: a sneak peek, part 2

Sunday, we tried a trial run of hair curling.  It was a bust, but Mom sent some great tips, so we’ll try it again.

Today, we gave makeup a trial run.  Carter loved every minute of the pampering, and she went from 3 to 17!  Lock up your boys, Mom’s!

587-4.22.09 009.jpg

So the eyebrow liner and poor lighting don’t do her justice, but …

588-4.22.09 011.jpg

How sweet is that little face?!  “Yes, Carter, Mommy will buy you that Lexus!”

Batter up!

Carter and I picked out a fun t-ball set (since she’s just missed the BlastBall age this year!), and we broke it out this afternoon to play.

I taught her how to hold the bat (I think she’s a lefty like Uncle Corey when it comes to batting!), how to whack at the ball and how to run to “first base,” or the porch.  All was good until I blasted the ball into the lot next to us.  She wasn’t running after it for anything!

I guess she’ll just be offense!

584-4.22.09 004.jpg


586-4.22.09 006.jpg

Batter up!  She even got the “bat tap to the plate” thing down!