Triad Time!

With last week being busy, and this week being just as nuts, I played hooky from class and Carter and I enjoyed a morning of Mommy and Me Gym Time at Triad!

We bounced on the trampoline together, amid her giggle-fit, and we played along the obstacle course.  She had a ball, and I left with a monstrous Mommy smile!  Certainly better than a two-day course in classroom management!

i-97ee22b186574c2d91e2bb3c22a3a170-7.28.08 062.jpg

“Mommy!  Jumpy me!”

i-5fe69855b1d7d939bb306e5a687d71a3-7.28.08 067.jpg

Rolling inside the ball – she called it her “turtle shell!”

i-f6eb0b03a6e1e3e7894b88e07f39a511-7.28.08 068.jpg

“Arns out … I’m okay … I’m okay …” she kept saying!

i-cb13e939f323d00875dcbbdd6678149a-7.28.08 074.jpg 

Stuck, with ball, in the pit! 
“Pull, Mommy!  Pull and help me!”

More SO FUN, to SO NOT GOOD, quickly!

Andy and I got brave and took Carter to the BIG POOL this afternoon.  Good times!  Good times!  It’s a 0-depth pool, and she never got any deeper than about 2 feet, but she had a ball!  Andy and I crab-walked and splashed around with her until the 4pm shift-change, all-out call.  By 4:10, we were all back in, and by 4:15, we were all back out again: “due to the weather, everyone must leave the pool until at least 4:30.”  With the darkening skies, we decided to call it a day … just as the tornado sirens went off.  All 200’ish people at the pool began to high-tail it out of there!

We got home to high-winds, but we beat the rain.  Andy and I pulled what we could in to safer, less blow-away-able areas, grabbed dry clothes and headed for the basement.  In round one, we fared pretty well.  All four deck chairs and our table blew about two lots south.  Score: 0 Mother Nature, 1 Chalupa’s.  Round two hit about 6:00.  We didn’t really have anything that could blow away at that point!  However, a single shingle at the upper-most point of the house blew up, and rain poured inside.  It seeped down the central water pipe, and inched along the ceiling of the kitchen and the garage.  We didn’t notice until we were eating dinner, and a drip hit the floor.  Mother Nature strikes back with a vengence: Mother Nature: 1, Chalupa’s: 1.  And more storms are on the way.

i-40f2e5c78dcf914253eaa6dd8d6ae0f6-7.28.08 032.jpg

Waiting to get back in!

i-7f12631e3ff9f7a2e8cc29e2c68472c8-7.28.08 035.jpg

Carter and Andy play catch while we wait

i-2f00451516706c537588b02e57ba000c-7.28.08 036.jpg

The view from the deck: lightening, dark storms clouds and wind on the way

i-cc8d3afbe5cd9d8170a4641363d85545-7.28.08 040.jpg

The view before we hit the deck: our trees blowing and our basketball hoop face-down in the driveway

i-6703019e954c306fdb2742968a42612d-7.28.08 042.jpg

THIS was our dinner conversation!  Not cool!

i-f10db6fa50839b9cd9638e1882dc63d0-7.28.08 051.jpg

Andy spent the evening searching for the issue, in the attic, on the roof, in the garage … turns out it’s just a leaky shingle, fixed and taken care of.  Our builder says they’ll take care of it all.  THANK GOODNESS!

i-17bbafa6467d2c60d5fde8570937277a-7.28.08 054.jpg

To put things into perspective: about a mile east of us, between Andy and Rory’s house and ours, a big tree was uprooted and crashed through a deck.

i-3bb5fb74e03fac6a18755a6da80bf847-7.28.08 058.jpg

Trees were uprooted, outdoor toys bent and mangled, and houses sustained damage.  We are all okay, our damage is minimal and easily repaired, and all is good.  It wasn’t a fun evening, but it could have been much worse.