Andy and I have taken Carter on tricycle rides while skating.  She’s always been fascinated by our skates, so I got her a pair of her own.  Princesses, of course!

We geared up with pads and a helmet (nerdy, but safety first!), and donned the skates.  It was completely wobbly and totally fun!  Carter did an awful job, but she had a ball attempting to skate.  We “skated” – mostly dragging her! – to the mailbox.  By the end of the adventure, she was more stable, and she was able to recover from a slip.  But she’s not going to be an Olympic skater any time soon!

i-9a36583701c3c1ef1564a0ab7079d223-5.29.08 041.jpg

“Look!  I’m skating!”

i-e62cf70bf5a1c5bbf5a3f818aa767d8b-5.29.08 042.jpg

After many giggle-filled wipe outs, Daddy carried her back home.  She’s mostly boo-boo free, but she’s got two tiny blisters from her new skates.  Yes, they require band-aids.  

i-cc2d449d45f1cb8a77a35c80b1d7ae20-5.29.08 043.jpg