Get ‘er done!


Not anything “exciting” that we’ve done, but there’s been GROUND BREAKING at 3638 NW Klein Street!

The excavators came in to dig the hole that will be our house one day (within 90 days, to be exact!).  It’s a deep hole, but not totally done: they dug to saturation, and couldn’t go any farther due to the standing water.  

Stupid rain! 

i-64422be572f563fcccf6a602a5f681c9-6.29.07 004.jpg 

Those are our dirt piles!

i-1125a0851614b41bf031c525d6a7d919-6.29.07 007.jpg

Our only neighbor sits, watching, atop this dirt pile!

i-c4d5c13264ba88562d86183dfd7819bf-6.29.07 008.jpg 

To put it in perspective, that’s my car in the background parked across the street!  That’s a deep hole!  And where our fooseball table will go shortly!


Poopie in the Potty!

Carter said to Daddy, “Poop?” while she was looking at books.  He asked if she needed to go potty and she said yes – like she always does.  The two of them came upstairs, and we all camped out in the bathroom, watching Carter potty.

This is becoming a normal thing around here.  I think Carter just likes sitting on the potty!  She actually brought her Elmo! book along with her this time (like father, like daughter!)!

We coached: “push!” and we coaxed: “if you poopie, you can have a treat!”  After a very minutes, Carter announced that she was “awl done.”  And low and behold, there was a little baby-poop!  

Poopie in the Potty!

I know … gross!  But it was the most wonderful thing of my week!

i-bbf8c5855e2c37968750b90ff14d201a-6.29.07 001.jpg 

For pooping in the potty, Carter got loves upon loves, 2 M&M’s, 1 more for washing her hands, and an episode of “Mey Mouwww,” aka Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!  

i-ed532ab4ed4170005a9cb405dff03a8e-6.29.07 003.jpg 

I know … GROSS!  But it was like Christmas came early for us today!