It’s official!

Today is Carter’s big day: she officially transitions to the toddler room!  

Andy and I dropped her off.  Since she’s a “big girl” now, she doesn’t eat breakfast in a high chair.  Instead, she gets to eat at the big kids table, and have toast, or cereal, or juice or milk!  Choices!

She had a wonderful day!  She helped her class of six others make a glitter poster, played outside in the snow, took a nap on her cot without physical restraint, and played with her friends in the gym.  When we changed into jammies at the end of the evening, I found a pink puff-ball in her diaper!  I guess that’s a good sign?!?

i-e5dfcb55f52efd2107856d160a205684-1.30.07 001.jpg 

SO BIG!  Our first “toddler breakfast” of Golden Grahmas, toast and milk. 
She couldn’t care less about Andy and I at this point.  There was toast!