It’s a Baby in a Basket!

Carter loves books.  She enjoys being read to, but more-so, she physically enjoys the books.  She likes to flip pages and look at pictures.  Scattered around the house, we have baskets of books.  She knows where each basket is, and will randomly pull out each book to look at.  Who knew she would enjoy the basket as much as the books?!?

9.25.06 018


9.25.06 019


9.25.06 024

“Ahh!  Good times with Mommy!”

Yeah Play Place!

Andy, Andy, Carter and I were in the mood for something fun and exciting … so we had dinner at Burger King (very exotic, I know!).  After dinner, we gave the play place a shot.  It lacked the ball pit of McDonald’s, but we were the only ones there, so it evened out well.

9.25.06 009

Carter and I enter the tube … 

9.25.06 012

She’s pretty excited about our new adventure!  I had to mostly drag her though the maze of tubes to the top, where the slide began!  But it was worth it to see this smile!