Family Night: BDC

So, we’re trying to get back into a routine.  Man, what a year.  I feel like this has been the first few days where I’ve been “normal” and in control of my world.

And I think a huge part of that is attributed to these two <3

We talked about getting Family Night underway again.  A dedicated Wednesday evening where we do something together.  Watch a movie, make dinner, play cards, go do something in the community, whatever it is we do, we all do it.  This week, the kids chose to go to Bulldog Ceramics to paint Halloween goodies.  Daddy had an emergency work crisis, but he swore next week was back to normal and he was in!

Charlie asked what a “Panty Dragon” was.  I about lost it!  Funniest thing of my week!

Dedicated focus!  Who knew they had it?! 😉

Hard at work: “Don’t, mom!”

In his pumpkin-painting zone

Working on an ombre wash for her pumpkin mug

We’ll get to pick up our goodies next week (Next Family Night!), but here’s what we made!  Charlie chose take-home paint, and we got to bring it home with us this afternoon.  Carter and I chose pumpkin mugs, matching, but unique, just like us!