Carter’s VERY OWN vacation!

Yes, today was all about Carter!  Her trip to the Omaha Zoo, to do what she wants to do!  We started the day off right: she slept in until nearly 8am!  And got a tasty Pop-Tart for breakfast!  Then we hit the road for the zoo.  Once there, our first stop was the desert dome, which was actually cooler than the heat outside!  Next, we visited family at the monkey house, and then moved on to the carousel and petting zoo.  Everyone was getting tired, so we stopped for water and chocolate ice cream!  We walked to the Lied Jungle, which, again, was cooler than the outside hot-and-humid-yucky-weather.  Don’t ask Carter about the jungle, or the tapir – she was out cold!  She woke up just as we were finishing up the exhibit, so she did get to enjoy the aquarium.  She loved the penguins and the underwater tunnel!

Afterwards, we checked into the Best Western, which we are officially boycotting!  They were across the street from Boys Town (translation bar = lock your car!), there was no pool, and (wait for it!) the room’s AC didn’t work!  We finally called the front desk to have them repair it, but it still sucked … or, more appropriately, didn’t suck!  I will be writing a letter!  But we did visit a little Mexican restaurant that we’d enjoyed on our first zoo trip.  Carter ate 3/4 of her own little taco, and realized she may be left handed – or at least colors with her left hand!

All in all, her first vacation was a blast!  It was hot, but completely worth it to see her enjoyment!

7.29.06 - Zoo 002

Pretty in Pink!  Note: we had to tie the hat on to keep it on!

7.29.06 - Zoo 007

Daddy, Carter and the Cactus in the Desert Dome

7.29.06 - Zoo 008

Mommy and Carter outside the Night Eyes exhibit.  Despite the pouty look, she was interested in the animals!

7.29.06 - Zoo 014

Crazy Carter, Ostrich Tamer Extraordinaire!  Daddy and Carter ride the carousel

7.29.06 - Zoo 023

Carter and Mommy try to pet the goats.  … maybe it’s too hot for goat petting … 








7.29.06 - Zoo 024


7.29.06 - Zoo 027

Oh, sweet, cold, chocolately goodness!

7.29.06 - Zoo 029

ALL BETTER!  Ice cream really fixes anything!

7.29.06 - Zoo 030

Proof that Carter has visited the Lied Jungle.  Apparently ice cream is also a sedative!

7.29.06 - Zoo 050

Mommy and Carter checking out the “Nemo fish,” or Pacific Ocean fish, of the aquarium

7.29.06 - Zoo 053

The Fam: packing up and calling it quits on zoo trip ’06
(No, Carter is not picking her nose … at least, I don’t think she is!)

7.29.06 - Zoo 056

Our new pal, Monkey!

7.29.06 - Zoo 069

Carter displaying her left handed-ness while coloring at the restaurant!  Thanks a lot, Grandpa Duane, Uncle Brian and Uncle Corey

Our first ever garage sale!

Phew!  Who knew getting ready for a crumby old garage sale would be so much work???  Amy and Jon have been sorting and cleaning for awhile, but – smart me! – I waited until Monday to go through stuff!  Not good!  I have pulled things out, sorted, compared, priced, and organized everything we own in the past three days!  It has been crazy!  We took three car-loads of “treasures” to Amy’s for the big sale.

The sale was a “family event,” with contributions from the Chalupa’s, Andy and Tim, Stacy and Dave, Kelly and Sean, and Amy and Jon.  We had everything from baby shoes to pay-as-you-go cell phones; cd burners to kitchen glasses.  And we had three Titanic cd’s, two VHS tapes, and the theater movie guide – all yours for under $2!

It sounds hokey, and initially I only took our “treasures” to get them out of my hair, but it was a really fun morning!  Carter helped man the sale, and I got to hang out with some of my favorite people!  It was a good time.  Some highlights:

5.  I got in the car to pick up Carter; the clock read 7:57am.  The sale started at 8am, and we’d already had three customers!  Yes!
4.  The garbage man stopped, in the middle of his route!
3.  Someone actually commented on Carter’s “$3.50” price tag, asking if we’d take $3.00!
2.  The guy who, at 8:30am, came to the sale with no shirt, smoking a cigar
1.  The lady who came once for random things, and came back to purchase the Karma Sutra and God’s Prayer journal … does one cancel out the other?!?

And the best part was not the 100+ heat, but earning some Dells cash while hanging out with my buddies!

The sale continues Satuday, from 8 – 1, so stop by 609 NW Linden to see our treasures!


Little neon-green signs were posted all over the North end of Ankeny, calling treasure-hunters to our sale!


“Sales Alley”  We set up our sales camp in the shade, and lined the drive way with goodies.  The big seller of Friday: VHS tapes and CD’s!  One lady offered to buy all 320 of them at once … with $62!  That was a no go!  Garage Sale Lesson #14: when things get slow, go “rearrange,” it makes the area look busy, and pulls in perspective lookers!  That’s what Amy, Andy, and Stacy are doing above!

7.28.06 002

Item description: 1 infant/toddler.  In good condition and highly loved.  Pleasant natured, good eater, holder of “most adorable baby” title!  $3.50 or best offer

7.28.06 005

Please pay the cashier at the back