Celebration in Brass

Celebration in Brass is the best thing in the world!  I love it!  As a Des Moines Register writer says, "Some of the best young musicians in the United States will gather in Ankeny next week for a prestigious drum and bugle corps competition.

The 24th annual Celebration in Brass, presented by the Ankeny Area Chamber of Commerce, will take place at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Ankeny High School stadium. Bev Albaugh of the chamber said six drum and bugle corps will participate this year.

Celebration in Brass is part of the Summer Music Games, a series of drum and bugle corps competitions across the country under the umbrella of Drum Corps International, said Michael Cravens, chairman of the Celebration in Brass organizing committee. The series culminates in the World Championships at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison, Wis., in August."

It is awesome!  6 marching bands from all over the midwest pack up all their gear and travel the country all summer, playing music and performing.  It is awesome!  The first two groups sucked (they were little; a group from division 1 and division 2, little corps), but the last four rocked my socks!  It was awesome!


The Blue Stars did a freedom-themed show, and the flag squad were dressed like 1950’s couples


The Colts were on it and didn’t miss a note, step, or flag twirl!


While Andy, Tim, Andy and I celebrated the brass, two of our favorite babysitters – Amy and Jon – watched Carter.  She tried to climb the living room shelves and take down picture frames, but was otherwise good, fun, and cute!


Fellow gingers: Amy and Carter


Jon, Carter’s favorite boyfriend.  Shhh!  Don’t tell Amy!


Vroom, Vroom!

Carter has been working on her driving skills.  Despite going a little askew and hitting the banister, end table, and Daddy, she’s already a better driver that I am!  She started off Monday needing help to crawl to a standing position and then drive, but today’s she’s got it down.  She can get herself up to the handle, and take about 5 to 8 steps before she gets shakey and too far from the handle.  Then she “gracefully” sits down, and tries again!  I agree with the majority of chalupas.net readers: she will probably be taking her first independent steps before her 1st birthday.

6.19.06 010

6.19.06 014

6.19.06 017