They’re FLOWERS, not WEEDS!

After a long day of eating, cat-napping, crawling all over, eating some more, and playing with friends, Carter, Andy, and I played outside.  Carter loves the little clover-flowers … loves to try and eat them!  She’s quickly learning “no,” and “no mouth.”  She appears to understand, and listens … about 70% of the time! 

We played in the grass until Punky could take no more.  Exhaustion finally set in after the long day, and the yawning began!

i-caebadf744bd11340a4c1dc92abff400-6.5.06 022.jpg 

i-82f7ef40b601a7e1655e381c2d8be5e8-6.5.06 024.jpg 

Mobility goes to the next level: elevation

As if just being able to manuever through the upstairs wasn’t enough for us to handle.  Today, Carter tackled the first five stairs of the house.  No fear – she just started crawling up!  Andy was at the landing, and she wanted to see Dad.  She got up three steps, then reared backwards.  Luckily, I caught her.  The minor setback didn’t phase her a bit: she smiled, turned, and started toward Daddy!

 Great …  



Later, Moms!  I’m out!