If I recall accurately (and trust me, I do!), I was told by my loving, adoring husband that I was not to buy anything until we moved.  What I wanted for the new house could be purchased after the move, and I didn’t need to buy anything now that would require us moving additional “crap.”

So explain to me how this theater room projector arrived on my doorstep, addressed to Mr. Andrew Chalupa?!? 

i-c3a7d519fde35f604b64dc0865df0d97-5.30.07 013.jpg

Imagine that – Carter loves playing in the box!  Just like the cat box at Poppy & Gramma’s house!

i-2ec03b054c070a9bc7ba5f908379e82d-5.30.07 016.jpg

Where’s Carter???

i-56df7e956d11e8b284d18c9a3323b32b-5.30.07 020.jpg

She looks so amazed with the corner of that box!

i-ab8ccbadaafd682468cba178de92af23-5.30.07 021.jpg 

“Hey you guys!  What’s up?!”