Happy 9 months!

Today, May 19th, is Punky’s 9 month birthday! 9 months of “firsts” and new experiences – for her and for us! She’s done fantastically in her first 9 months! She’s always happy, except for her “evil hour” every afternoon! She’s mobile, which I’m still unsure about, but is moving none-the-less. She’s eating food on her own, and is beginning to eat some table food. She’s a chatter (where that came from, I’ll never know!), and I SWEAR she said “ball” the other night! She has favorites, things she dispises, and people she loves more than anything. She’s a little PERSON now! Spunky and sweet, perfect to a T. Our first 9 months have been precious and irreplaceable – I wouldn’t change ONE SECOND of it!

5.19.06 080

5.19.06 064

5.19.06 066

5.19.06 060

5.19.06 051

That’s hilarious!

Carter’s a smart one, alright! She’s figured out that crawling = mobility! Which is great … right? She’s crawling everywhere, and wants to check out everything. So when she crawled under the bed, we let her. What harm could it cause? It’s just under the bed (yeah, like the Great Abiss …). She was fine under the bed, then we heard “clunk,” and crying. She had gotten herself directly beneath the wooden bed frame, and was trying to get up to crawling position. She’d bang her head, and then get mad and frustrated. Andy and I, however, laughed at her repeated efforts/mild head traumas! YES … we did help her out … eventually …
5.19.06 041