Crazy in the head, I am!

Today’s been a drizzley, boring Saturday.  To jazz up the afternoon, I decided to get out the non-toxic, washable, kid-friendly paint so that Carter could play, finger paint … maybe be the next Van Gogh.  Was I ever wrong!  She would grab the paper, try for the containers of paint, get painty and grab anything close, the only thing she refused to hold was the paint brush!  The single time she did hold the brush, I got a little too close and ended up with a green nose!  But, we had fun.  At the end of the day, the paint washes off, and the mess cleans up, but Carter and I will have a painting memory forever (or at least I will!).


i-4a2b24e9cfff670826970d1b80f962ae-6.10.06 009.jpg


i-4f73b09c1b0258cf93ccd588b5662989-6.10.06 010.jpg

The sweetest little jail bird …

Carter is not a fan of being limited and having boundaries.  As you can imagine, she’s also not a fan of the baby gate!  After running around all of Friday – shopping, garage saling, trying new snacks and foods, and playing, Carter needed contained!  She was a crazy!  So, like always, we shut the gate for her safety.  She stood at the top of the stairs, chattering and giggling, and trying to get out of our “jail.”  After snuggling with Daddy for a bit, she finally fell asleep, with her ballerina-bear from “God-Grandma Kris” Haning.  Isn’t she sweet?!?

i-018dbb8fd21f616f4554abf17cb2de35-6.10.06 011.jpg 

i-552f16767309fed38277c6883e541600-6.10.06 007.jpg