It’s plastic money!

Andy, Carter, and I went to Chili’s for dinner.  Yes, Carter got to eat part of both of our meals, as usual!  She enjoyed Andy’s carrots, and my flatbread pita with a little ranch on it.  Eat up, guys, dinner’s on Carter!  

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I’ll take “Things That Suck Ass” for $200, please, Alex

Being the nice and wonderful wife that I am, I volunteered to do my part to help with the deck.  After all, I’m “partially retired” until August 21, I could help out!  I can’t measure for crap, and I power tools scare me, so I volunteered to work on the lower deck.  The old bottom deck was built on top of bricks (ingenious, I know), and the bricks need to be removed so that everything is level for Andy to build on top of.  Yeah, it sounds relatively easy, in theory, but is not!  I started Sunday, and worked about an hour and a half, then put in another 1 hour this morning.  It sucks ass!  There is about two inches of dirt, with growing grass, on top of each brick.  The bricks themselves are about 6 to 10 inches underground.  I dig and dig, then scrap with a trowel and fingers to get the bricks loose, and pry them out with the shovel.  And to make it worse, there are creepy-crawlies in the dirt!  I know – “Duh, Kelly, it’s dirt!  What did you expect?!”  But I have come across the same centipede (yes, “centi-” meaning 100 disgusting, creepy, infested little legs!) about a dozen times.  And I have cut more than my share of fat, nasty nightcrawlers in half!  If it’s true that nightcrawlers can reform their bodies and survive after being dismantled, I am screwed!  We’ll have an army of pissed of worms in the back yard!  Eww!


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