Saturday bums: it’s a good thing!

Carter’s still getting over her … whatever she’s getting over today, so we’ve taken it nice and easy today.   She leisurely got up, ate her oatmeal, and then fell asleep in the big bed with us, watching cartoons.  We had a late snack, and played together and read books.  Around 11:30am, she fell asleep again, and slept through lunch (maybe she’s not my kid!).  We had lunch – soup and Elmosauce! – and went shopping at Target for trip goodies.  The rest of the afternoon was spent hanging out, watching Blues, and being goofy!  Saturday Bum Days are great!

8.5.06 013

Who’s that at my patio door?!?

8.5.06 015

“I helped Mommy “clean” my room!”  What a freakin’ mess!

8.5.06 016

 “So … if I’m packed in the bag, I get to go to the Dells, too, right??”

8.5.06 023

 Enjoying the deck!

8.5.06 026

Relaxing in the big girl chair on the deck