That was the sickest thing … ever …

Carter and I had spent all night playing together. We played with the musical, stacking stars, we practiced standing and crawling, and even played a game of slow-tag! It was great! We snuggled in for bed, and I read “Alice in Wonderland” while she had her nightly bottle. Andy and Tim popped by around 8:20, and THANK GOD they did! Carter was playing on my lap, facing me, and heaved, then barfed all over me! She smiled, and I sat in throw up, then did it AGAIN! And she smiled the entire time! And I’m not talking about a little unpleasant spit-up; this was T H R O W U P ! Not only were my jeans soaked, but my underwear were, too! But, Punky was happy with herself!

5.19.06 049

Happy 9 months!

Today, May 19th, is Punky’s 9 month birthday! 9 months of “firsts” and new experiences – for her and for us! She’s done fantastically in her first 9 months! She’s always happy, except for her “evil hour” every afternoon! She’s mobile, which I’m still unsure about, but is moving none-the-less. She’s eating food on her own, and is beginning to eat some table food. She’s a chatter (where that came from, I’ll never know!), and I SWEAR she said “ball” the other night! She has favorites, things she dispises, and people she loves more than anything. She’s a little PERSON now! Spunky and sweet, perfect to a T. Our first 9 months have been precious and irreplaceable – I wouldn’t change ONE SECOND of it!

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