Amy and Andy suck

I have three more days of vacation time by myself left, so today was spent power-cleaning.  I cleaned out closets and drawers, and scrubbed floors and sinks.  Since I had the vacuum out, I thought it’d be good to clean out my car – it’s filthy and dirty!  I cleaned the windows and the dash, and vacuumed the front seats.  I scooted the seat all the way up to vacuum the back and found this: the majority of a box of Mike and Ike’s candy.  I had completly forgotten that on the way home from the Dells last week, Andy had the box on the map, resting on his map.  Either Amy reached up front for some after his offer, or Andy simply spilled the box.  Either way, it’s contents flew all over the car!  The front seat, back seat, in the cup holders, everywhere!  I think we picked up a handful each last week, and I discovered this pile today!  What a bunch of dweebies!


It wasn’t very clean anyway, but the candy is just uncalled for!



The torturous spoon

You would have thought we’d asked Carter to knock over a bank or murder the cat!  We’ve been working with the spoon, and helping her to learn to work with it.  Her morning oatmeal is sticky enough that we thought maybe she could hold the spoon, get some of the gluey-peaches-and-cream-oatmeal-deliciousness and feed herself.  Holy cow!  Maybe she isn’t ready for it, or maybe she was just a brat this morning, but she was not having it!  Finally, she did give it a shot on the last bite.  Andy filled the spoon and I conned her into holding it, and she shoveled it – awkwardly – into her mouth!  Yeah!

8.15.06 011 8.15.06 013

Carter taking one of her first independent bites!  … doesn’t she looked thrilled?!?  Maybe tomorrow will be better!