Oh yeah … that’s good stuff …

We’re working to getting Carter off baby food and onto appropriate adult food.  We got a lunch menu from the Daycare, and there are many foods that she is able to handle.  That made us consider replacing her 9am and 3pm bottles with snacks, like adults!  We’re going to give it a whirl this weekend, so Carter and I went to the store to get some snacks.  For her, we got grahams and vanilla wafers, which she LOVES, and some fat-free chocolate/vanilla pudding for me (cause I’m fat).  While she had her afternoon bottle and a little snack, I also had a snack.  Once she spotted the pudding, she was no longer interested in the grahams – duh!  Can you blame her?!?  Suddenly, “my” pudding became “our” pudding, and eventually ended as “her” pudding!  She smacked her lips, and loved up to me, just to get a little more.  Ahh … she really is my daughter!



i-1b50c67253c89dbe1263e54cfff96b35-6.7.06 017.jpg

 Yummy!  Mom’s “100 Calorie Pack” Chocolate-‘Nilla Pudding!

i-a4c4e84c63432ee71ab893bf6313d57e-6.7.06 015.jpg

 Wow, Moms!  Can I have another slobbery-bite???  Pretty please?!?

i-c36b7a05104ebeb71e26089c2e99fc05-6.7.06 019.jpg 

Oh, God!  Chocolate is good!

Seriously … could you tell her no?!?  Look at that chocolate mug – I love it!

It’s plastic money!

Andy, Carter, and I went to Chili’s for dinner.  Yes, Carter got to eat part of both of our meals, as usual!  She enjoyed Andy’s carrots, and my flatbread pita with a little ranch on it.  Eat up, guys, dinner’s on Carter!  

 i-8f6cb1762fd7ff57fa6bf15d70ebf611-6.8.06 009.jpg