Oatmeal: it’s what’s for breakfast!

We had a crazy afternoon/evening tonight, so this will have to suffice as a post – I apologize!  I suck, and I vow to do better tomorrow!

 Carter is now a big girl, who eats big girl oatmeal for breakfast every day.  She’s been a big girl for a week now, and she still isn’t convinced about lovin’ the oatmeal.  Strawberries & Cream and Bananas & Cream are good times, but she is suspicious of the blueberry and peaches!

One of my sites had a picture this morning that made me laugh outloud!  Here it is – don’t copy or steal it, we’ll go to jail!


From more inappropriate and odd humor, go to www.nataliedee.com 

When life gives you lemons,

I guess you enjoy!  Andy’s lemonade had a lemon slice in it, and Carter appeared to be very interested in it.  When he let her have it, she gave it a complete look-over, then instantly (and to no surprise!) put it in her mouth.  Initially, she didn’t pucker up; instead, she chewed and sucked away at it.  Eventually it got a little to sour for her, and she’d pucker, but she was mad when we finally took it away from her!

7.25.06 003

“Uh … Daddy … I don’t know about this one … why don’t you have it back …”

7.25.06 007

“Oo-ee-vay!  That’s suckers sour!”

7.25.06 011

“Maybe my sweetness will balance it out, and it’ll be good!”