Holy Hell! Let there be DECK!

And, on the 8th day, there was deck! Okay … so it’s more like day 428, but whatever! We have a sturdy, stable platform with a fence-like boundary to keep us taller folk from falling off. Yes, we’ve (and by “we’ve,” I mean “Andy”) got some more work, but it’s getting there! Bring on beers on the deck! Woo hoo!

5.21.06 008


Carter has been a GROUCH-ASS! She was fussy ALL DAY Sunday, crying and carrying on, very un-Carter like. We’re chalking it up to teething. She’s yanking on her ears and hair, chewing on everything, and drooling way too much. I guess it could also be that nasty diaper rash, also a “side-effect” of teething, that is pissing her off. I’d be mad, too, if my butt were blazing red and bumpy (a “yeast infection” is what the Doctor is calling it. The FGF and I refer to it as “making dough-nuts.” Charming, I know …). Despite this whole ordeal, Carter’s still able to maintain her “cheeser” smile, and “oh the humanity!” hand-to-head pose. What a cheeser!!

5.21.06 004

5.21.06 001

5.21.06 002