Vroom, Vroom!

Carter has been working on her driving skills.  Despite going a little askew and hitting the banister, end table, and Daddy, she’s already a better driver that I am!  She started off Monday needing help to crawl to a standing position and then drive, but today’s she’s got it down.  She can get herself up to the handle, and take about 5 to 8 steps before she gets shakey and too far from the handle.  Then she “gracefully” sits down, and tries again!  I agree with the majority of chalupas.net readers: she will probably be taking her first independent steps before her 1st birthday.

6.19.06 010

6.19.06 014

6.19.06 017

Swimming: it’s not meant to be

So it’s been a wonderful day!  The sun is bright and shining, the sky a perfect blue.  But within the ten minutes it takes me to get Carter changed, into a swimmer and swimsuit, lather her up with lotion, and get a towel, the clouds have sovered the sun and the pool water is fridgid!  So pool attempt #2 went as well as attempt #1.  But, she’s really cute, and enjoy just hanging out in the back yard with me!

6.19.06 028

6.19.06 030

6.19.06 031