Told you so.

Remember the Natalie Dee cartoon from the other day?  “I eat the same thing for breakfast everyday?” Here’s proof: brown sugar oatmeal.  We do stray from the “normal” oatmeal by experimenting with Strawberries & Cream, Peaches & Cream, Blueberries & Cream, Bananas & Cream, Maple Brown Sugar, and Apple & Cinnamon.  But, it’s always oatmeal!

Doesn’t she look thrilled about it, too?!?

 i-8f76e05228532525e7d0a08a4d742542-8.1.06 015.jpg

Maple Brown Sugar!  Yum!  … I can’t really blame her for not wanting to eat it.  I’m glad I’m big, and I have a choice about breakfast!

i-ea49ff071c19b2c8ff8f50beedb2df99-8.1.06 016.jpg 

If this look doesn’t say, “I LOVE IT!” then I don’t know what does!


I am THE unluckiest person. Ever.

I had some issues with our first digital camera (the one we purchased with our wedding money) last year.  It’s “internal organs” were badly damaged – it was being a total jerk when Carter was born, and we don’t have many pictures because of that!  So we got a new one.  The Canon Powershot SD400.  It was good stuff!  The battery’s been wonky the last few weeks, but it was wonderful!

Then, my blunder.  I took a picture of the new living room to match colors while curtain shopping.  I found two choices at Kohl’s, and got out my beloved little camera to compare.  I picked my favorite – the crazy-flower choice! – threw them in the cart and took off.  Problem?  I left my delightful little digital camera on the shelf, and didn’t realize it until hours later.  Of course, it was gone.  Duh.

So meet Canon Powershot SD600, the blessed cousin of its predecessor, the SD450.  It’s got all the same features and then some.  Like 2 said, “as much as (I) use it, it’s more like an upgraded investment.”  So that’s how I’m looking at my costly expense and lesson learned.

RIP Canon Powershot SD450.  Born: January 2006, Died: August 2006.  Gone but not forgotten.